Thursday, October 11, 2012

49ers vs Bills Recap

By Kalen Patrick

Last Sunday the 49ers probably played their most complete game of the Jim Harbaugh era, this may be hyperbole, but that may have been the most complete game in 49ers history. The 49ers thrashed the Bills by a score of 45-3. As much as I would love to go in to a deep analysis of the game, simply put the 49ers straight up dominated the Bills from start to finish. The 49ers set an NFL record for having over 300 yards of Passing AND Rushing.

From the get go, the 49ers passing game was in rhythm when Alex Smith connected with Vernon Davis on a deep pass for 53 yards on the opening drive which led to a David Akers Field Goal. All game long Alex Smith was hitting his targets, he had 2 very impressive passes for TD's to both Kyle Williams and Michael Crabtree. Not to be outdone by the impressive passing game, Frank Gore led the 49ers rushing attack which seemingly picked up huge chunks of yards with each carry.

All in all it was a dominating performance, one which I have not seen in a very long time if ever. Alex Smith finished with near perfect QB numbers, a 156.2 QB Rating and a 99.2 QBR, 3 TD's and 0 INT's. The Offensive Line showed why it may be the best in the NFL last Sunday too, 0 sacks allowed and in the run game the 49ers AVERAGED a staggering 8.2 Yards Per Carry. The total yards gained was the highest in franchise history, yes, above anything that the Joe Montana or Steve Young led 49ers ever had in a single game.

This video contains all the 49er Highlights from last Sundays game: 49ers vs Bills Highlights

Looking at the defense, it is just amazing how dominant it has become, only 3 points allowed in the previous 2 games and 10 points allowed in the previous 10 quarters. The combined scores of the last 2 games is 79-3 (you think they took that loss to Minnesota personally perhaps?) It really is near impossible to play better over a span of 2 games. A player to watch on the defense going forward is CB Chris Culliver, 2nd year man out of South Carolina. He had an INT on Sunday and I could absolutely see him being the 49ers #1 CB going forward. He is commonly lined up against the other teams #1 Receiver and always does a very solid job.

This Sunday the 49ers will play host to the New York Giants and will be looking for redemption for the NFC Championship game back in January. You know that Kyle Williams has had this day marked on his calendar since the schedule came out, I look for him to be very involved and have a real solid game. I will have a much more thorough Preview of the 49ers vs Giants game coming up before Sunday.

Over and Out.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

49ers vs Jets Recap and Week 5 Preview

By Kalen Patrick

Week 4 turned out to be a walk in the park for the 49ers with a comfortable 34-0 win over the New York Jets. I don't want to spend too much time on this considering it was such a slaughter. Some of the things I really liked in particular was the 49ers ability to rush the passer. Aldon Smith was back creating havoc in the backfield, and over all credit has to go to the guys up front and Vic Fangio. Not to mention guys like Tarrell Brown, Carlos Rogers and Chris Culliver shut down the Jets receivers. The play of the entire game for me was on a deep Mark Sanchez pass to Santonio Holmes that Dashon Goldson swatted away at the last second. That was beautiful.

Offensively the 49ers did what the 49ers do and that is run the football well. Gaining nice chunks of yards every time it seemed. Colin Kaepernick had some big runs and scored his 1st career TD. The one big concern for the 49ers is Alex Smith's ability to hit the deep passes to anyone not named Vernon Davis. I remember 2-3 times Manningham had beat his man and Smith had just about overthrown him each time. Overall the score was 34-0 and it easily could have been 48-0. Sorry Jets fans. That game was ugly.
Week 5 the 49ers will welcome the Buffalo Bills to Candlestick Park. The Bills are coming off a crushing loss where they gave up 45 2nd half points to the Patriots. The 49ers have had only 1 home game so far (a win against the Lions) so it will be rocking in Candlestick come Sunday. I do like the 49ers chances in this game. The Bills defense is shaky at best and all the money invested in Mario Williams has not paid off so far. I expect Alex Smith to have consistent time back to throw and the 49ers should be able to run the ball and control the clock. I want to see Alex Smith make some nice passes down the field, if he can start hitting those consistently than I found it very difficult to name more than 3-4 teams who could beat the 49ers.

The Bills love the big play, CJ Spiller has been hitting huge runs all season long. Ryan Fitzpatrick is not afraid to throw the football into tight coverage. He is prone to mistakes but can make some very nice throws too when given the time. I think an underrated match up will be Willis/Bowman in coverage vs TE Scott Chandler who is having a good season so far. The Bills mix it up a lot with the dink and dunk passes and try to use their speed to make big plays out of it, with both Stevie Johnson and CJ Spiller expected to get a lot of short passes thrown their way.

I have confidence the 49ers defense will be able to contain the Bills and the offense should be more than capable of putting up enough points for the 49ers to come away with a win. As usual I hate predicting the score but if I had to guess I'm gonna go with something along the lines of 27-17 in favor of the 49ers.

Over and Out.