Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Alex Smith and Cam Newton

By Kalen Patrick

OK this is NOT going to be your ordinary post from me. This is a post where I will be speaking purely from my mind on this subject.

This "story" that websites like ESPN and what not, is the biggest non-story of the year. We all know (or should know) what this story is about. Alex Smith being criticized about his lack of passing yards, and then making a FAIR and VALID point about how passing yards do NOT = Wins in the NFL. Sorry but it just doesn't. Never has and never will. If it did then Dan Marino would have who knows how many rings.

Back to the story at hand. Should Alex Smith have named names such as he did? No probably not, but who really cares if he did? What did he say that was not true? Cam Newton's Carolina Panthers went 6-10! They lost a whole lot more games then they won, another interesting fact? In those 6 wins, Cam Newton averaged almost 200 yards passing and in those 10 losses? He averaged almost 300 yards passing. Those are factual statistics for EVERYONE to see. Passing Yards do NOT equal wins. It is more about the yards that you do pass for actually count.

It bothers me so so much, how the Sports Media has blown this sooo out of proportion. To be honest? It's bullshit! A quote like Alex Smith's should barely have even registered in the Bay Area media, let alone it being a full story on nationwide ESPN. I'm sick and tired of players HAVING to give robotic 100% politically correct answers, or else face being bashed by nationwide media and being known as a distraction or bad guy.

That's all I gotta say for now. Looks for a whole lot more in the near future.